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Open Solicitation #1157569 (Grant Writer) - Information Sheet and Packet Submission

This form collects general information for processing your response to Open Solicitation #1157569. 

To complete it, please have ready:

1) Information about your organization for contracting purposes,

2) Three references with information about the work you did for them, 

3) Basic summary information about your experience (this does not replace your cover letter/narrative)

4) The two completed pdf packets described in the Open Solicitation's Instructions to Vendors section.

Section 1: Legal Information about your organization

Should you meet the meet the minimum qualifications outlined in the Open Solicitation, this information will help in executing the contract.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that the Contractor will be assigned any work, even when a contract is executed. 

What type of organization is this firm/individual? If no choices apply, please write in the blank space a description of your company.

Name of Person Authorized to sign the contract:

In the field below, you are asked for your Tax Identification Number (TIN)

If applicant does not have a TIN, the County will request the Applicant's Social Security Number at the time of contract award.  

Do Not Enter a Social Security Number Below - only write "Will submit SSN."  This is in order to make payments for services rendered by the Applicant in accordance with the resulting contract. 

Section 2: References

To meet the minimum qualifications for this Open Solicitation, Three references are required.  They should be clients or employers for whom you wrote grant applications.  Ideally, they should all be within the last 2 years.  If recent references cannot be provided, please explain why in your cover letter.

Please choose "next" to continue.

Reference 1

REFERENCE 1 - Full Name:

Reference 2

REFERENCE 2 - Full Name:

Reference 3

REFERENCE 3 - Full Name:

Section 3: About your qualifications

If you are awarded a contract, this section will serve as a summary of your experience for using Departments.

As written in the Open Solicitation instructions, your cover letter and narrative should still describe your or your organization's area(s) of specialty and experience with specific funding sources.

I (or my organization) has experience applying for (check all that apply):

While it is assumed that most Grant Writers under this Open Solicitation will be generalists, please indicate any particular experience that you have in the following areas (check all that apply). Experience would be a proven track record of applying for grants in these policy areas. Indicating experience does not guarantee that the grant writer would be asked to write grants in these areas.

Section 4: Final Items

Upload the PDF packet "Pre-Approved Form Contract and Additional Documents" as described in the Instructions to Vendors

Click Here to Upload

Upload the PDF packet "Vendor Application Documents" as described in the Instructions to Vendors

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Before you leave, kindly help OGM by letting us know where you heard of this opportunity.

By submitting this form and all attachments, you are signifying that you have received a copy of the Open Solicitation and understand the requirements.

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