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Montgomery County, Maryland

Group Home License FAQ

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Montgomery County, MD

Group Home License (New)

Please review the frequently asked questions about the Group Home License Form before completing the application:

To get the fastest response, complete and submit your application online, including required attachments. We continue to accept paper applications – if you need a paper application, you can print the next screen and submit it via mail or drop off in our dropbox at the lobby.

If you have already submitted your application and payment, please do not submit the same applications twice (eg. online and by mail). Resubmissions are acceptable after you have received a formal decision of "Declined".

You must upload ALL required documents with your application for it to be approved.
If your building is inspected by the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Service, Fire Code and Compliance Unit, please go to their website and follow the instructions. Their phone number is 240-777-6320.

If your facility is within the City of Gaithersburg limits, go to City of Gaithersburg website: or call 301-258-6330 for fire permits.

If your facility is within the City of Rockville limits, go to City of Rockville website: or call 240-314-8240 for fire permits. Please attach a copy of the fire inspection report since they do not provide actual permits.

If you have any further questions, please email us at:

Alternative format requests for people with disabilities. If you need assistance accessing this report you may submit alternative format requests by webform to the ADA Compliance Manager. The ADA Compliance Manager can also be reached at 240-777-6197 or at
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Use and Occupancy Permit Click Here to Upload
Detailed written results of septic inspection and lab results from well water test and inspection. Click Here to Upload
Program Purpose, Goals and Objectives Click Here to Upload
Means to Accomplish the Goals and Objectives Click Here to Upload
Needs and Capabilities of the Population to be Served Click Here to Upload
Proposed budget (an actual budget), resources, and procedures to meet those needs. Click Here to Upload
Proposed operating methods and procedures for medication management, transportation, social and recreational services, 24 hour supervision, personal care services, and food service. Click Here to Upload
Client Admission and Retention Criteria Click Here to Upload
Qualifications and experience of the applicant and the personnel operating the group home (a resume). Click Here to Upload
Emergency preparedness plan that includes: evacuation plans for all disasters, the alternative location for continued operations, and a signed letter from the alternative location on their business letterhead. Click Here to Upload